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Our spectrum of capabilities


Possibilities of optimizing efficiency within your business' course of events by using and applying hard- and software
Possibilities of in- and continued external data-processing and integration, i.e. products contained within the MS-Office-family
Determination of your individual requirements


Analysis of possible existing systems in regard to feasibility of putting up resp. migration to future systems
Analysis of your overall business-structure
Analysis of existing hard- and software


Examination of the necessity and/or possibility of introducing a network-solution in connection with or with regard to a possible client-server implementation
Fixing the strategy to preserve resp. put up the data contained in your currently/already existing data-environment
Fixing the programming tool(s) best suited to solve the task
Work out the general concept as 'stencil' for the application that is to be developed


Target systems: Windows 95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
by applying i.e. MS Access, SQL-Server, Visual Basic, .net
Deployment will be including the extensively documented source-code
On request: Development and integration of a general and / or context-sensitive help-system (choose between i.e. the standard WinHelp-format and the new HTML-standard, a PDF-documentation, etc.)


Introduction to your new software while, if necessary, distinguishing between the administration- and user-part resp. between the user-groups (also called roles)
Individual trainings on demand


Modifications and adjustments - i.e. because of necessity due to changes within your business or financial policy
Extension of your existing system